Knit Finance Testnet Analysis Report

The Knit Finance Testnet was a massive experimental success, the Knit Finance development team has successfully proven that Knit Finance’s Multichain solution is capable of handling huge volumes of swaps & performing higher swaps per seconds.

Knit Finance community and fans showed us a huge response by participating in the testnet on

We reached total volume of 3245 ETH wrapped into kETH which is more than $10,000,000

Total amount of kETH token swapped to MATIC/POLYGON is close to 2556ETH

Volume :-

As shown in the image below, peak volume of our testnet reached around 917ETH in a single day which is massive and is close to 2,781,157 USD. This shows our platform’s capability to handle huge volumes with ease .

Swap :-

In the below screenshot Knit Finance did 130 ETH swap in one day with a total of 1276 transactions in total . This shows our capability of handling the load of transactions processing.

Transaction speed :-

As shown from above data images , Knit Finance testnet received 340 TPS peaks which it was able to handle properly .

Conclusion :-

Analysing the testnet performance it is clear that Knit Finance is capable of handling huge volumes of transactions & user load on its platform.

✅ Trading live on : | Uniswap | Pancakeswap |DexTools

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Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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