KnitFinance announces a partnership with SolHub to Integrate $SHUB into its Multi-Chain Platform

Knit Finance is pleased to announce its latest strategic partnership with SolHub Finance.

SolHub Finance is an DeFi platform to trade, stake, swap, borrow, lend, earn, and more on the solana ecosystem.

Knit Finance will enable SolHub assets to trade across cross-chain platforms.

Knit Finance built on ethereum network has connected to 5 network chains and has a roadmap to add more chains down the line once its mainnet goes live.

Knit Finance allows users to sail between different network chains using its cross-chain wrappers solutions.

Once Staking goes live — K- assets holders will be given rewards in the form of Airdrops for their participation.

Users will also be rewarded for taking part in lending, borrowing and providing liquidity across Knit Finance cross chain platform.

Additionally, users can get insured custody and mint K-Assets for DeFi assets, which will be backed 1:1 by their native asset. By using the insured custody of assets, users can maximize collateral security. Knit Finance solutions enable users to maximize their DeFi yields with multi-chain APY optimization and allow users to access its cross-chain wrappers for their entire portfolio.

Through this partnership SolHub will support Knit Finance’s wrapped K-Assets on all fronts, thus expanding and expediting both ecosystems’ growth. Knit Finance will also be listed on SolHub’s DEX.

As SolHub’s platform comes with unique and innovative products to enhance user experience, this partnership is a step forward towards encouraging further user participation to trade, stake, swap, borrow, lend, earn, and more on the Solana ecosystem.

About Knit Finance

Knit Finance is a unique decentralized protocol for creating cross-chain wrappers for the top-200 assets. It delivers all-market bridges to ensure comfortable cross-chain fluidity of assets and allows institutions, developers, farmers, and traders to tap into trusted custody to mint Knit’s k tokens.

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About SolHub

SolHub is an open-source blockchain platform to help you trade, stake, swap, borrow, lend, earn, and more on the Solana ecosystem. SolHub is your gateway to the Solana ecosystem.

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Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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