KNIT Finance: Unlocking the Full Potential of DeFi

Anything decentralized should be available to anyone and everyone. But DeFi today is predominantly dependent on ERC-20 tokens. ERC-20 standard has proven to be the go-to for decentralized lending, borrowing, and yield farming, etc. However, this leaves out the participation of other assets of independent blockchains. These assets and their hodlers have a huge barrier to entry into DeFi. solves this problem in one fell swoop.

KNIT.Finance unlocks the entire crypto ecosystem to DeFi using cross-chain synthetics and bridges. Existing DeFi protocols determine which tokens and projects get to participate. KNIT Finance’s decentralized protocol leverages smart contracts to combine DeFi pools with billions of assets from non-ERC-20 chains. By creating a standard for non-ERC-20 coins to convert to synthetic ERC-20 tokens, KNIT Finance opens up an entire world of new possibilities.

Any coin or token on any blockchain could be converted to an equivalent synthetic token of the ERC-20 format. The original token and the synthesized token will represent each other in a 1:1 ratio. On the contrary, with KNIT, ERC-20 tokens could also be synthesized on other blockchains in a 1:1 ratio. In addition to cryptocurrencies, real-world assets such as fiat, gold, and stocks can be synthesized using KNIT Finance.

The Protocol That You Deserve

Are you a holder of a non-ERC-20 token? How many times have you felt the need to convert your holdings to an ERC-20 token to participate in DeFi? Being crypto enthusiasts and traders ourselves, it is one of the major roadblocks that we faced. We believe in hodling multiple crypto from multiple chains and not just one. We also believe in DeFi. But the two ideals seemed like they were never meant for each other. So, we came up with a unique decentralized protocol that helps us and the crypto community to enter DeFi without having to forsake our holdings — a multi-chain bridge to DeFi.


For Every Coin: For every coin hodler, we provide an option to trade and leverage their coins in the DeFi space. Coins (E.g.: LTC) that were previously out of DeFi’s scope will now have complete access to all of DeFi’s features.

Flexibility of ERC-20 standard: ERC-20 standard is known to be flexible, possessing the highest transferability and accessibility with the world’s second-largest blockchain network. Every coin now has the opportunity to leverage Ethereum’s flexibility.

Global Liquidity Pool: A global liquidity pool is being opened to Ethereum and vice versa.

Read-World Assets: Stocks, Gold, and Fiat can be synthesized to trade on Decentralized Exchanges, essentially decentralizing centralized assets, giving more power to the trader.

Community-Driven: 100% governance of these tokens will be through the community.

DAPPs: DAPPs can now access tokens on other blockchains using only their Ethereum nodes via KNIT’s synthetic tokens. They can also receive payments in these tokens.

KNIT is revolutionizing DeFi, one bridge at a time. If you want to know more about our project or talk about a collaboration, drop us a message :

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