Knit Finance June Monthly Update

Welcome to the June KnitFinance Community update! KnitFinance continues to march onward with its cross-chain expansion, now with a total of 25 assets supported.

Knit Finance Collaborates with KardiaChain to Integrate $KAI into the Multichain Platform and Issue Wrapped K-KAI for Cross-chain Transactions

Taking yet another significant step towards achieving its goal of making DeFi available to everyone globally, Knit Finance announced its latest collaboration with KardiaChain, a decentralized, self-optimized blockchain infrastructure focusing on achieving industry-wide interoperability.

Knit Finance and KardiaChain will join forces to enable Knit to integrate $KAI into its multi-chain platform. Even more, the protocol will issue wrapped K-KAI tokens for smooth cross-chain transactions. Read more here

AMA Knit.Finance × Dash Next

On June 2, we got an opportunity to conduct a joint AMA session with our partner Dash Next. During this session, our CEO, Sainath Gupta, and the Dash Next Co-Founder, Felix Mago answered the Knit community questions on our various topics related to both the platforms, its goals, mission, partnership, and more.

Read here the Dash AMA recap

Knit Finance Announces a Partnership with Cryption Network to Integrate CNT into its Multi-Chain Platform

Knit Finance & Cryption Network Partnership Highlights

The integration of Knit Finance and Cryption Network will mutually benefit both platforms.

Knit Finance will integrate CNT (Cryption Network native token) to knit Finance multi-chain platform by creating wrapped token K-CNT.

The integration will enable the Crypton Network users to make cross-chain transactions.

Cryption will also list Knit Finance token KFT and its K-Assets on its AMM platform.

Read more about Crypton Network partnership here

The KnitFinance KFT Token Whitelist Campaign is Officially Live!

On 18th of june KnitFinance announced its whitelisting for public sale of $KFT Tokens

Details of Event

100 winners will be randomly selected at the end of the campaign

Each winner will be whitelisted and eligible, after passing KYC, to purchase $100 (in USD value) of the KFT token during the Public sale event. More details on the Public sale to be announced later.

Community members can increase their chance of whitelisting with multiple tasks submissions. Each task is worth a number of entries. The more entries you have, the higher the chance of getting an allocation. Read more about whitelisting news here

Knit Finance Announces a Partnership with TribeOne to Integrate HAKA into its Multi-Chain Platform

Knit Finance announced its collaboration with TribeOne, world’s first AI-powered decentralized financial platform backed with RAROC (Risk-Adjusted Returns On Crypto) technology.

Knit Finance unlocks the full potential of DeFI by bridging the entire crypto ecosystem to DeFi using a wrapped protocol.

Through this collaboration, Knit Finance will integrate TribeOne native token “HAKA” into its multi-chain platform, while creating market options and boosting liquidity for both assets. Knit Finance also plans to add K-Asset tokens for lending and borrowing into the TribeOne platform which will enable high yield reward to users. Read more about TribeOne partnership news here

KnitFinance Security Audit Report on Smart Contracts by Armor Labs.

$KFT token smart contract excellently passed the smart contract security audit performed by Armor Labs.

Here’s the link to the full audit report by Armors Labs:

A prominent blockchain security service provider to thoroughly assess and examine the security of smart contract and blockchain solutions. Armors Labs possesses more than ten years of experience in the building and safe operation of over 100 million Internet products.

Social Reach

In June we successfully reached the 40,000 twitter followers mark, and 40,000+ telegram members . totaling of 80,000+ members who believed in our vision of unlocking the DeFi for top 200+ assets .

Whitepaper Quiz

On June 20th KnitFinance organized a Whitepaper Quiz competition with reward pool of $250 See our whitepaper Quiz announcement here

we received overwhelming response from the community with more than 100+ entries

Total of 5 winner were selected & each received reward of $50 USDT

See winner announcement here

“Getting on multiple chains is no more difficult. We at KnitFinance have been working hard for a long time to accelerate the growth of DeFi in cross chain solutions, So far we have integrated 5+ chains, more on the way.

The amount of support we are getting from the community encourages us to build concrete solutions for the DeFi ecosystem.”

  • Sainath Gupta , Founder Knit Finance

About Knit Finance

Knit Finance is a unique decentralized protocol for creating cross-chain wrappers for the top-200 assets. It delivers all-market bridges to ensure comfortable cross-chain fluidity of assets and allows institutions, developers, farmers, and traders to tap into trusted custody to mint Knit’s K-Tokens.

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Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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