Knit Finance is Thrilled to Announce Partnership with Heroes and Empires

Knit Finance is Thrilled to Announce Partnership with Heroes and Empires

Heroes & Empires is a Play-2-Earn strategy game that combines the distinctive elements of Idle RPG and the tactics of auto chess, connected with blockchain technology. The game is developed on the Unity engine with modern gameplay, blockchain integrated and high-end graphics, separating it from the rest. Heroes & Empires will be compatible on both PC and mobile to bring the best experience to players.

Key highlights

  • Knit Finance will integrate Heroes & Empires into its multi-chain platform.
  • Heroes & Empires assets will be tradable across multiple chains.
  • Heroes & Empires users can take their wrapped kHE and create options to stake, lend, borrow and margin trade across multiple chains.
  • Heroes & Empires users will have options to trade in more network chains in future when Knit Finance adds more network chains.
  • Heroes & Empires users will have more options to get benefit for staking in the form of K-Assets in the insured custodian model.

About Knit Finance

Knit Finance is a unique decentralized protocol for creating cross-chain wrappers for the Top-200 assets. It delivers all-market bridges to ensure comfortable cross-chain fluidity of assets and allows institutions, developers, farmers, and traders to tap into trusted custody to mint Knit’s k tokens.

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About Heroes & Empires

Heroes & Empires is a strategy game that combines the distinct elements of Idle RPG with the tactics of auto-chess, all while being connected to blockchain technology. Players will be able to earn a consistent income through DeFi integrations while having fun with many gaming features by utilizing the Non-Fungible Token (NFT) feature to create characters and items and Play-2-Earn elements.

The economy of Heroes & Empires differs from the economy of other GameFi games (a 2-tokens model). Heroes & Empires, on the other hand, focuses on NFT assets such as Hero NFTs, Gear NFTs, and Land NFTs. Heroes & Empire’s economy is designed to be a closed-loop, with the HE token serving as the main gear. Players will earn NFT assets by using HE.

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Website | Telegram | Announcement | Twitter | Facebook | Blog | Youtube | Discord | CosTV




Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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Upgrading Decentralized Finance

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