Knit Finance Coming up with big series of Events and launches

2 min readJun 25, 2022


Thank you, community, for your love and support, we had a very interesting Journey so far!

This is just the beginning.

Our partnership ecosystem continues to grow with large communities supporting Knit Finance.

Here’s a quick recap on what transpired so far:

Partnerships :-

Knit Finance has partnered with 54 projects so far . Knit’s Crosschain wrapper solution has proved to bring new definition to the DeFi ecosystem .
We Partnered with 54+ Projects & Knit’s DApp to bring them multichain. making them tradeable across various chains. Dexs & AMM’s

Product :-

Testnet :-

Knit Finance announced it testnet on 26th august 2021, Community showed huge response by participating in our testnet testing and reporting the issues.
We reached 10 million USDT in TVL by end of testing phase .
Here you can find more about it

Mainnet :-

Knit Finance announced its mainnet for Bitgert network . working as bridge between BEP20 & BRC20 tokens .
Here you can find more about it :-

Integration :-

Knit Finance has already integrated 20+ coins & 6+ chains on its beta version for testing, this consists of many top 100 coins by marketcap.

Knit Finance aims to integrate more tokens into its cross chain wrapper solution .
And bring a universal DeFi product for theoretically any asset.

What Future Knit Finance holds in DeFi ?
KnitFinamce have partnered with multiple stakeholders in ecosystem where their products and services will be part of knit ecosystem

Knit Finance working on products like :-

Customised Staking pool contracts?

Vesting contract

NFT & MetaVerse Services

Pre Launch services and more

Development will be our priority for the future .

In upcoming week we have series of announcements and events line-up we are coming in full action to make strong movment in the market.

Please comment below what you would like to see in KnitFinance ecosystem.




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