Knit Finance Announces a Partnership with Cryption Network to Integrate CNT into its Multi-Chain Platform

Knit Finance is pleased to announce its strategic alliance with Cryption Network.

Cryption Network is a decentralized protocol allowing users to swap, farm, predict, and invest with its smart, unique, and user-friendly platform and DeFi products. The platform is familiar with the potential and innumerable use cases of blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and DeFi and its market challenges. Thus, the unique platform of Cryption Network is building an excellent suite of user-friendly DeFi products that will efficiently enhance user experience.

Knit Finance is a decentralized protocol that allows users to create cross-chain wrappers for the top 200 assets that can be traded independently on multiple chains. From an individual to an institution, developers or traders, anyone can use the insured custody feature of the platform to mint K-Assets on any EVM compatible blockchains.

On Knit Finance, users can smoothly move K-Assets from one blockchain to another using a simple UI of Knit’s Bridges. Its bridges burn the K-Assets on the former blockchain and mint them on the latest chain that only the original asset owner can access. This process ensures a non-custodial nature for the bridges.

Knit Finance & Cryption Network Partnership Highlights

The integration of Knit Finance and Cryption Network will mutually benefit both platforms.

  • Knit Finance will integrate CNT (Cryption Network native token) to knit Finance multi-chain platform by creating wrapped token K-CNT.
  • The integration will enable the Crypton Network users to make cross-chain transactions.
  • Cryption will also list Knit Finance token KFT and its K-Assets on its AMM platform.

Why Cryption Network?

Cryption Network, with a multitude of DeFi products, is working hard to simplify the DeFi experience for users to boost greater DeFi adoption. The platform aims to infuse simplicity, transparency, and seamlessness in the DeFi applications to enhance user experience. At Knit Finance, we have always focused on supporting users with innovative solutions and features that help them in their DeFi activities. This integration with Cryption Network will significantly support us to serve our community with some more advanced solutions and Cryption Network community to tap on Knit features for cross-chain transactions.

Commenting on this collaboration, our CEO, Sainath Gupta, said:

“We always look forward to joining hands with projects and teams to support their protocol with our K-Assets and to add extra value to our platform. This integration will also allow us to drive joint operations to explore new avenues in DeFi space and enhance our user experience to a different extent. Thus, the entire Knit Finance team is excited to have Cryption Network along with us on this journey.”

About Cryption

Cryption aims to make the onboarding process simpler for retail users. We offer a suite of user-friendly products to facilitate crypto adoption and provide the best service possible. Cryption Network helps to simplify the crypto ecosystem without diminishing its value. We offer:

  • PolyDEX — L2 Swap
  • Elastic Farming
  • Deflation of CNT
  • Seer
  • Cryption App
  • Non-Custodial Portfolio Management
  • Ether Rush
  • DeFi Stack
  • NFTs

About Knit Finance

Knit Finance is a unique decentralized protocol for creating cross-chain wrappers for the top-200 assets. It delivers all-market bridges to ensure comfortable cross-chain fluidity of assets and allows institutions, developers, farmers, and traders to tap into trusted custody to mint Knit’s k tokens.

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