100% Token Unlock and Distribution Process Tutorial

2 min readJun 2, 2022


We are grateful to the community and investors for being supportive of us.

Some updates coming up on the product side we have already made our bridge live on 7+ chains and more are in process to support. Along with that we are coming up with stable coins on multiple blockchain networks which will help respective chains to get stable coin pairs with their chain tokens. We have some confirmation from a few chains expect an update anytime soon.

As we are experiencing market corrections since the last few months.

Onn request of our investors we are unlocking all of our investor vesting tokens. Isn’t that amazing?

We will be using dappfactory for the current purpose.

Before proceeding ahead make sure you are using the correct wallet address on your wallet which was given at the time of signing saft.

Token claim steps for investors:

Step 1

- Go to https://app.dappfactory.xyz/vesting/0x87b9e37be06e07a9a4558db5abc0bdd6947ed87f

Step 2

- Make sure that selected network is ethereum mainnet

Step 3

- It will present the dashboard for vesting which will have all of the information and a section for claiming $KFT tokens if anything is claimable.

Step 4

-Click on the claim button to get your tokens.

Step 5
Confirm the transaction

Note: Linear vesting is applicable for at least 1 hr from the time of token unlock. This token unlock is only for investors

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